The unique literary talents of Dr. A. Barton are well known throughout the veterinary profession. He is a regular contrib­utor to the New York City Veterinarian and his professional articles have also appeared in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Journal of Small Animal Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Cornell Veterinarian and Philadelphia Medicine. He is the only veterinarian ever to have had an article published in the human medical publication, What's New.

Dr. Barton has also been a great popularizer of pet health problems. He was Veterinary Columnist for Everywoman's magazine and wrote a pet column for the Fay-Steeger news­paper chain. His recent Pet Book for children sold 15,000 copies within the first six months of publication.

Dr. Barton is an authority on veterinary history and is an Associate Editor of the forthcoming Journal of Veterinary History. He is also one of the five American veterinarians to have been honored with membership in the American Asso­ciation for the History of Medicine.

His professional experience is very broad. He has operated his own animal hospital for fifteen years. Previously, he was a Veterinary Inspector for the United States Department of Agriculture in Virginia, Puerto Rico and New York as well as Clinical Veterinarian for the Ellin Prince Speyer Animal Hospital, Veterinarian at the Hospital of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Chief Surgeon of the Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital. He received the Bachelor of Science degree from Long Island University, the Bachelor of Arts from the New School and the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State College.

The present work on How to Keep Your Dog Healthy re­flects the special capabilities of the author. It is a lucidly writ­ten, compact and practical book that gives the plain facts of dog care simply and clearly. It should be gratefully and en­thusiastically received by dog lovers everywhere.