Dog Dry Skin. Why Is Your Pooch Feeling Itchy?

Dog Dry Skin and Itchy

Dry skin is a common affliction affecting all breeds of dogs. It can be quite irritating to the canine; resulting in an unhappy dog owner. For those who have a canine pal with flaky dry skin that has them scratching uncontrollably, here are some helpful tips for getting rid of it.

 Common Causes For Dry Skin On Dogs

Though it may seem like a minor problem, dry skin can be the first indication of something bigger. It usually is the first symptom which leads to other health conditions like Cushing’s Disease or skin allergies. That’s right, even dogs can develop allergies the same as their human counterparts. Some of which include:

 * Flower Pollens

 * Animal Hair & Dander

 * Dirt & Dust

 * Flea Bites

 * Different Kinds Of Food & Grains

All of these common allergens can be the cause of your dog’s dry skin, which left untreated can develop into atopic dermatitis. This skin disease can leave a playful pooch uncomfortable, potentially leading to another form of infection.

Other Reasons Dogs Develop Dry Skin

Sometimes dogs have dry skin due to other factors such as harsh weather conditions. It can also be brought on from getting too many baths or because of an allergic reaction to a particular dog grooming product.

If you think that this may be the cause of your dog’s dry skin, then it’s best to consult with a professional veterinarian. This will help to rule out any other more serious skin conditions.

Common Dry Skin Symptoms

Because every dog is different, symptoms of dry skin may include:

* Irritation which makes your dog continuously scratch.

* A noticeable loss of hair on your dog.

* Dandruff and flaking in dog’s fur.

* Redness & inflammation upon your dog’s skin.

 * Over excessive oil in their skin and fur.

 * An odor emanating for dog’s body.

 * Skin wounds and scabs.

Depending on your particular dog, some of these dry skin symptoms might not present themselves. But, in the event that you should spot any of the ones above; then it’s best to consult with your veterinarian for a more exact diagnosis.

Treatments For Dogs With Dry Skin

Determining where your dog’s dry skin is coming from can be somewhat tricky. Your local veterinarian can put them on a special diet to eliminate food allergies from being the cause.

Some foods tend to be harsh on your dog’s delicate system because of certain ingredients like corn, eggs, soy product, chicken and beef.

Your veterinarian can test your canine companion for environmental allergies, but unfortunately, there is no cure at this time.

The most common ways of treating dog allergies include:

* Totally avoid the source of allergen.

* Vet treatments such as allergy shots.

* Keeping the symptoms under control (dry skin, irritation, redness, etc.)

Many veterinarians will compile various treatment options for controlling your dog’s allergies.

Excessive bathing is easy to get under control with a veterinarian-approved dog shampoo and by giving your pooch fewer baths.

For dog’s suffering from dry skin due to environmental allergies, it’s best the purchase an indoor humidifier to use in extreme weather conditions. But, if their skin condition is because of a poor diet; try switching over to a high-end dog food with 100% all natural ingredients.

So make an appointment with your local veterinarian and discuss the different options for treating dry skin on dogs. This will help provide some much-needed relief to both you and your forever friend as well.